Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America

The PNAS Article Sizing Tool calculates the approximate manuscript length and layout based on manuscript text, image, and table files uploaded by authors. Authors can use this estimate to determine whether or not their manuscript fits within the length restrictions for publication in PNAS. PNAS length restrictions for each manuscript type may be found in the Information for Authors. Please note that the sizing tool provides an estimate and may not represent the actual print length of the manuscript.

Supporting Information does not count toward the length limit, and should not be included.

Manuscript information and files submitted to the article sizing tool will be saved for 120 days. Authors may return to modify the manuscript data or replace files as necessary. Use the locator ID provided in the estimate email to retrieve the previous estimate record.

This tool is not part of the submission process and is intended for pre-submission manuscript preparation only.

Instructions for generating a manuscript length estimate

  • Enter contact information for the author responsible for the length estimate. This person will receive the email with the estimate PDF and will serve as the point of contact for the estimate if there are problems with the length estimate.

  • Upload all files to be included in the manuscript. SI files should not be uploaded for this length estimate.

  • Provide manuscript data including title, abstract, keywords, author names, and author affiliations (these can be copied and pasted from the manuscript file).

  • Review the column width and legends for submitted manuscript figures and tables.

  • Submit the estimate. Authors will receive an email notification confirming receipt of manuscript data and files. A second email with the estimate PDF will be sent once the process is complete.


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If you have any problems submitting your length estimate or if you have any questions about the generated PDF, please contact

Please include a copy of all manuscript files. Please note that our email servers automatically delete .zip files; the files should be sent individually.

If you have any questions about the PNAS submission requirements, please contact the Editorial Office at